A single entry point for digital excellence

A service management platform with a built-in gateway for API orchestration, security protocols, and diagnostic alert mechanisms—all shown in an easy-to-use portal.

Facilitate clear communication between your clients and services





Power your
applications with
security and

Key Gateway Functions


Authenticate and validate requests using a predefined set of credentials.


Protect user privacy and personal information.

Load Balancer

Prevent overload by distributing application traffic across servers for smooth operation.

Monitor Traffic

Monitor all transactions in and out of KINTARO to track and identify issues.

Service Routing

Automatically route requests to the right end server.

Busines Rules

Microservices combine API calls and Services to meet your business requirements.


Integrate and wrap APIs into a single offering.

Inside the KINTARO Portal

A simple, contemporary view to your service management platform.

Access Log

Monitor every API coming through KINTARO.


View server status, the number of API calls, number of alerts, and more.

Summary, Analysis, and Report Logs

Review and interpret API logs with varying degrees of detail

User Roles

For better accountability, provide different teams with multiple levels of user permissions.


Flexible to your business logic, KINTARO allows you to minimize latency and improve security for a better app experience.

KINTARO Microservice

We develop peripheral components to match your needs for a fast, frequent, and reliable application delivery.

Service Center

Support registration and discovery by monitoring microservice statuses and load balance requests.

Log Server

Gain visibility with access to transaction and operation logs.

Customizable for any industry

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