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Crossing is a Chatbot and management platform offering a combination of AI Engine accuracy, an intuitive management portal and seamless integration with existing Station products to enhance the customer experience.

Knowledge Base

Easily upload a library of questions and answers for your chatbot to utilize.

Bot Builder

Create chatbots using scenario trees where you can assign tasks or embed functions and deep links to enhance how you communicate with customers.

Chat History

Conveniently export data from previous chats to analyze and recognize customer patterns.

Management Portal

Seamlessly create, edit, and train your chatbot knowledge in an intuitive portal all while having access to the latest KPI data.

Web/App SDK

Incorporate our AI chatbot with web or mobile applications.

AI Engine

Experience personalized AI assistance with an in-house AI engine.


Enjoy full integration with existing Station products for access to data analysis and marketing automation.

Chat Simulator

Provide an optimal customer experience by testing out chatbot scenarios.

Why Crossing?

Offer convenient communication and personalized support to your customers. Crossing provides accuracy and performance to help improve the user experience and enhance engagement throughout every step of the customer journey.

Global Capabilities

Reach a broader audience. Crossing is a multilingual tool that can be seamlessly applied to your global and regional applications.

Data Analytics & Marketing Automation

Provide unique experiences tailored to your users by sending messages based on their interactions with your chatbot. Then, monitor user engagement with your brand through actionable data.

Live Chat Support

Offer human assistance when needed. Use the live chat service center to provide additional support to your users for complex inquiries.

Customizable for any industry

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Who are we?

We help our clients create a stronger connection with end-users through our expertise in human-centric design, CX, and mobile app development. With global digital platforms in management, marketing automation, and business intelligence, we offer a customized solution to provide users an optimal experience with your brand.

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