Conductor is an omni-channel notification platform that offers a simple, timely, and geo-centric way to engage with app users.

Omni-Channel Communication​

Reach your target audience through push notifications, emails, and SMS.


View analytics on open, tap, and engagement rates.

Real-Time Analytics

Monitor segment growth and sentiment in real-time.

HTML Builder

Provide media rich content to your users without needing to know how to code.

Campaign Builder

Set up multi-message campaigns based on business logic, customer lifecycle, customer habits and more.

Cloud Source

Share files for notification segmentation safely and securely.

Geofence Creation

Trigger marketing messages based on user location.


Integrate with Junction to translate and globalize your messages.

Conductor Companion App

Monitor your messages and campaign performance from the convenience of your smartphone.

Conductor at Your Fingertips

Access a condensed version of Conductor on the go.

Approve Messages

Review and approve pending messages from your smartphone.

View Analytics

Monitor performance for the 5 latest messages sent.

Why Conductor?

Flexible to your business, Conductor is a one-stop shop for your marketing communications. With the ability to create, approve, and monitor messages in one place, your team can streamline marketing strategies and improve customer engagement with your brand.

Conductor SDK

Create a connection with your users. Provide content tailored to the user with real-time segmentation via our SDK and app integration.

Author & Approver Roles

Ensure quality content. Protect the integrity of your marketing communications through an approval workflow prior to message deployment.

Lifecycle Message Automation

Re-engage your users. Create a lasting relationship with your target audience with messaging that reflects milestones in the customer journey.

Customizable for any industry

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Who are we?

We help our clients create a stronger connection with end-users through our expertise in human-centric design, CX, and mobile app development. With global digital platforms in management, marketing automation, and business intelligence, we offer a customized solution to provide users an optimal experience with your brand.

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